Enhance your meals with SILMIWON USA’s Authentic Korean Banchan. Our selection of traditional Korean side dishes, or banchan, is perfect for adding variety and flavor to any meal. Ideal for students and busy professionals, these ready-to-eat sides require minimal preparation. Experience the rich and diverse tastes of Korea with SILMIWON USA’s banchan, the perfect complement to any dining experience.

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  • 외갓집곳간 오징어젓 / 창란젓 / 낙지젓 / 명란젓

  • 외갓집곳간 밥도둑 무말랭이 무침

  • 외갓집곳간/ 무말랭이무침 /양념깻잎무침 /마늘쫑무침 풋고추무침

  • 외갓집곳간 깻잎무침 + 고추무침 + 낙지젓

  • 한마루 매운맛/간장맛 어묵볶음

  • 비건 잡채

  • 곤드래 강된장